A week or so ago, Eric asked me if I ever thought about my bleeding issues when I read the story in scripture of the woman who was bleeding. I said yes. He said he thought of me as well when he reads it.

The story tells of woman who had bleeding for twelve years. It doesn't really matter the nature of her bleeding…that's a long time! The woman believed that if she could just touch Jesus' cloak, she'd be healed. I can appreciate the desperation she must have felt. The despair at times, mingled with hope.

I've had a bleeding disorder my whole life. It's definitely sent me to the pits of despair and weakness. And I've also had to cling to hope many times through it.

But there's another emotion that a physical ailment or limitation can bring, somewhat unexpectedly.

It's gratitude.

For what you might say? Well, every issue or episode I've faced is another chance to see and experience God's faithfulness. To be reminded of His goodness. To be reminded that life is frail and fleeting and out of our control. That our being is tied to a Creator. And He cares deeply for us.

I've been able to experience Christ's empathy in a body that can betray you and quit on you. In weeping over not being able to do things with my kids that I should be able to do.

And I can also give thanks for all the things I can still do. And for the fact that while my body is a fleeting thing, my soul is not, and God cares deeply.

Every injury brings me to a total reliance on my Savior. And a chance to slow down (or have to stop completely) and rest in the arms of the only One who can heal.

Each event can also remind me to cherish the present moment, to not miss what is right in front of me. Because life is temporary and none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.

Every hiccup in this hectic race I'm running is a chance to slow and see and breathe gratitude for all the moments. And to witness the faithfulness and miracles that only God can provide.

And that is a reason to give thanks.